Halal Certified Establishment

We are certified as a Halal Establishment by ICCV (Islamic Coordinating Council of Victoria), a leading Halal Certification Authority in Australia.

We have a Halal Program in place that has been approved by ICCV. In addition, we are regularly audited by DAFF, ICCV and JAKIM to ensure compliance with our halal program. As such, we have and maintain an Annual Halal Certificate for our establishment from DAFF , ICCV and JAKIM.

A key element of our halal program is that we deal only with halal product thus we have no issues of cross contamination. This is a reflection of our strong commitment to halal.

Halal Certificates

We are able to provide our customers with Halal Certificates for orders. The Halal Certificates are issued by ICCV, who confirm that we have sourced our green runners only from Malaysian / Australian approved Halal Establishments. We use our own transportation to avoid any cross contamination, during transportation. The Halal Certificates are also inspected by DAFF prior to export clearance.

Registered Halal Export Establishment

We are a registered Halal Export Establishment with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF). Export Establishment No. 5305.

DAFF regulates primary industries and exports, including the meat and casings industries. They inspect all exports, ensuring that all casings and meat exports meet a strict health criterion and that halal products are certified by an internationally recognised and approved Australian-based halal authority. In addition, they conduct regular audits to ensure regulatory compliance.

Malaysian Listed

We are a Malaysian Listed Establishment. We are the only non-abattoir establishment, in Australia that has been approved by Malaysia as halal.

We are audited and approved by JAKIM and ICCV to export to Malaysia.