At Supreme Halal Foods, we are committed to sustainability. We have established a business platform that enables us to provide healthy, quality products to our customers whilst working towards a better future for our business, community and country.

We have AUS-MEAT Accreditation, HACCP certification and we are registered with Prime Safe Victoria. In addition, we are taking initiatives to develop greener processes.

Existing Sustainability Initiatives

  • Sourcing meat, offal and green runners from Halal Export Establishments, which are highly regulated by DAFF. They ensure that strict systems are in place to not only provide healthy products, but to ensure products are certified halal, where required.

  • Sourcing meat, offal and green runners from healthy animals. Key requirements of halal food include:

    Qualified DAFF Veterinary officers ensure that the animals are healthy and free from disease.

    Source animals that are naturally raised, i.e. grass feed. This is the healthiest and safest option, particularly as animals that are not grass fed have been known to develop foot and mouth as well as other diseases.

  • Respectful and compassionate treatment of animals. Key components of the halal slaughter process include:

    Ensuring that the animal is not distressed or senses the slaughter. If the animal is distressed, it is not permissible to slaughter it. It is essential that the animal is cared for in a humane and compassionate manner, at all times.

    Ensuring that the animal dies swiftly by using a sharp knife and performing the slaughter in a single cut.