About Us

Supreme Halal Foods Pty. Ltd. was established in 1990, by Rashid Essop, a leader in the Australian Muslim community and prominent businessman. Responding to the need for halal meat and casings that could be trusted and was of a high quality, he ensured a commitment to halal, quality and reliability that has enabled Supreme Halal Foods to become a leading international producer of halal, natural casings and a reliable Australian exporter of halal meat and qurban.

Today, we operate the only Australian casings plant that deals strictly with halal. We clean and calibrate halal, natural casings that we supply Australian butchers and manufacturers and we export to agents and manufacturers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan Fiji and South Africa. Our casings are used to produce top quality small goods and are also used for natural sutures.

In addition, we export halal meat and offal to commercial agents and Islamic charities, in several countries. We have managed the qurban for various international charities from Australia, Indonesia, Turkey, Germany, the UK and Holland. As part of the logistics of the qurban we have dealt with recipient charities in Africa, Indonesia, India, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Kosovo and the Middle East.

Our Vision

“ To inspire a stronger commitment to halal, quality and sustainability.”

Rashid Essop, Founder of Supreme Halal Foods
Faldila Essop, Board Member and Director of Supreme Halal Foods, at MIHAS.


Our Values

  • Islamic Compliance
  • Integrity

  • Commitment

  • Quality Assurance
  • Sustainability
  • Customer Focused

Our Mission

“To consistently meet customers needs with quality, halal products and efficient customer service; optimise profitability through state-of-the-art equipment, best practices, a skilled workforce and efficient asset management; and to be ethical, sustainable and socially responsible.”

Our Commitment

Our strong commitment to halal ensures our customers have peace of mind, comforted with the knowledge that we deal only with halal and that there is no opportunity for cross contamination.

Our commitment to quality ensures our customers are able to produce quality products, whether its sausages or medical sutures.

Our commitment to sustainability ensures that our business takes initiatives to find green solutions, gives back to the community and considers the long term implications not only for our sustainability, but the community’s.