Natural Casings

Supreme Halal Foods is a leading producer of halal, natural casings. We supply dry salted or tubed casings from quality lamb and sheep runners sourced from Australian, halal certified establishments.

We clean and calibrate the casings according to the following:

  • Sizes: 16-18, 18-20, 20-22, 22-24, 24-26 and 26 upwards.

  • Grades:    A, AB and B

Each casing is cut into a strand of 10 yards with 10 strands forming a hank and 3 hanks tied in a knot. The casings are then packed into either pails or drums depending on the size of the order or the customers’ requirements.

Each order is inspected by DAFF and then certified halal by ICCV and DAFF. A Health Certificate is also issued by DAFF, before the order is dispatched.

Our casings are used to produce top quality sausages and natural medical sutures, in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, Japan and South Africa.